Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rocket Is Here

I had another visitor over the Memorial Day weekend. His name is Rocket and he is a frequent guest here. I admire him very much because he cheated death! He escaped from his house and got hit by a car and had a lot of injuries. The vet was so worried about him that he took him home with him at night to make sure he would have around the clock care. He pulled through because he is a very strong dog. 
I also remember when my grandpa died, Rocket was over our house and my mom used to hug him and cry. He was very good at absorbing all her tears. 
He's getting old now, he is 11. He still loves to run around in our yard though.

Tonight his parents are coming to pick him up and the house will be quiet again. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Nature is Amazing!

Sometimes my mom walks me in the backyard, she can let me go and not worry about me going into the street. We came upon this bird's nest today as we were in the yard. Isn't it wonderful? 

I like how the birds made the nest perfectly round. It must have been a lot of work for them to find all the materials and then fly back to build the nest. I hope the eggs hatch OK and the little birds stay out of trouble. 

PS: Those are my dad's feet in the picture. He came out to see the nest too.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Sun Shines

I have not posted in a while because nothing much has been happening! It rained for 8 days straight and everyone was very unhappy here. The grass grew so high Slander went on safari ever time she went out for a walk. My mom did not get to take a photo because as soon as the rain stopped my dad mowed the lawn. 

Today I heard rumors that there may be a BBQ! I hope so. Perhaps my mom will have time to take pictures of us out on the deck. I will post them up here.