Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rest In Peace GiGi

GiGi went over the Rainbow Bridge today at 6:30 pm. She went peacefully in the company of those that loved her. Her adopted sister, Heidi Q, another Greyhound, is waiting for her there.

GiGi was 2 weeks short of her 15th birthday.

She will be missed terribly, loved forever, and never forgotten.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Slander Is A Big Help

As some of you know, my mom is going to school to become a Vet Tech. She has to do certain things for her externship so she can continue on with her classes. Lately she has been taking little Slander to the vet clinic with her so she can practice her Vet Tech stuff on her. From what I've heard, Slander is a very good patient! She was X-rayed, pulled this way and that, and she was a good girl. She used to be a show dog so she is used to people poking her and positioning her every which way. In this photo she is getting some ear drops. 
I'm glad I am too old to go to the clinic, because I'm sure my mom would be making me do all sorts of stuff! When I was younger I would have been glad to help, but I would rather rest at home and leave the excitement to the younger dogs. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm Feeling Better Now

I was feeling kind of yucky on Monday. My mom came home at noon to take me out and I was not a happy Greyhound. I was dizzy and couldn't stand up and I didn't want to go outside. I have no idea what happened to me. My mom thought I was having another "vestibular event", since she knows the signs and I've had 2 already. 
She called my dad and told him to come home soon to take care of me, because she had to go back to work.
When he came home I was all better! I was able to get up and walk by myself and go outside like I always do. My mom was so happy to hear that I was ok, she was worrying at work about me. I guess that is what happens when you get to be a senior, but it's still scary sometimes. 
I've been ok for the last couple of days now. I have been getting extra hugs & kisses from my mom since Monday...I think she is still worried a little bit. I don't mind the extra love!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Rest in Peace, Rocket

Today is a very sad day. My mom told me that Rocket had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last night. I was upset to hear that, after all, he was just here over Memorial Day weekend, sleeping on the futon and playing with my toys! 
His mom said he had a mass on his spleen. They didn't want to operate because he wasn't strong enough to have the surgery. He stayed at home with his family and they gave him lots of love, and soup, because he didn't have much of an appetite. 
I will miss him an awful lot! At least he can see Heidi Q, my sister again. There are so many greyhounds that went over the Rainbow Bridge, I know that when I cross I will not be lonely. I will miss my mom, but eventually I will meet up with her again. 
Rest in peace, Rocket. 

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Was A Good Girl

Mom told me I was a very good girl yesterday! She was gone all day on her externship and my Dad was busy shipping horses, so he couldn't be home with me. I was put in the kitchen with my bed and lots of blankets so I wouldn't fall & hurt myself. 
Mom came home at noon and walked me, and then she came home for the night at 8:30. The reason I was a very good girl was that I didn't make a big mess. There was just a little bit of poop in the corner (easy to clean up, I really couldn't help it) and I didn't pee anywhere. 
I knew Mom was coming home so I wasn't nervous or anything, I actually spent most of the day sleeping.
My Mom was so happy when she came home and didn't have a big clean up to do! I got lots of hugs & kisses and a special treat in my dinner. 
I like being a good girl!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Soon To Be Alone All Day

Mom is getting ready to start her externship for school. This means I will be left alone for a part of the day until my dad comes home. I know my mom is not happy about it, because when I'm alone I like to pee and poop on the carpet! 
My mom was practicing leaving me alone by putting me in the kitchen with all my blankets down, and pushing Slander's crate into the doorway so I can't get out. That works for me, I can pee & poop in there too!

I can't help it really, I'm quite old and have to go out frequently. I guess we will have to see how it works out. My mom said her externship should only last about 2 months, so I will have her back home with me all day eventually. In the meantime I will try to be good and wait for my dad to come home in the middle of the day to walk me. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rocket Is Here

I had another visitor over the Memorial Day weekend. His name is Rocket and he is a frequent guest here. I admire him very much because he cheated death! He escaped from his house and got hit by a car and had a lot of injuries. The vet was so worried about him that he took him home with him at night to make sure he would have around the clock care. He pulled through because he is a very strong dog. 
I also remember when my grandpa died, Rocket was over our house and my mom used to hug him and cry. He was very good at absorbing all her tears. 
He's getting old now, he is 11. He still loves to run around in our yard though.

Tonight his parents are coming to pick him up and the house will be quiet again.