Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Was A Good Girl

Mom told me I was a very good girl yesterday! She was gone all day on her externship and my Dad was busy shipping horses, so he couldn't be home with me. I was put in the kitchen with my bed and lots of blankets so I wouldn't fall & hurt myself. 
Mom came home at noon and walked me, and then she came home for the night at 8:30. The reason I was a very good girl was that I didn't make a big mess. There was just a little bit of poop in the corner (easy to clean up, I really couldn't help it) and I didn't pee anywhere. 
I knew Mom was coming home so I wasn't nervous or anything, I actually spent most of the day sleeping.
My Mom was so happy when she came home and didn't have a big clean up to do! I got lots of hugs & kisses and a special treat in my dinner. 
I like being a good girl!

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