Friday, June 19, 2009

Rest in Peace, Rocket

Today is a very sad day. My mom told me that Rocket had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last night. I was upset to hear that, after all, he was just here over Memorial Day weekend, sleeping on the futon and playing with my toys! 
His mom said he had a mass on his spleen. They didn't want to operate because he wasn't strong enough to have the surgery. He stayed at home with his family and they gave him lots of love, and soup, because he didn't have much of an appetite. 
I will miss him an awful lot! At least he can see Heidi Q, my sister again. There are so many greyhounds that went over the Rainbow Bridge, I know that when I cross I will not be lonely. I will miss my mom, but eventually I will meet up with her again. 
Rest in peace, Rocket. 

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