Monday, March 30, 2009

New Hope, PA

I had a nice quiet day to myself yesterday. My mom took Slander on a trip to New Hope, PA for a few hours. I held down the fort by napping on the futon. When I was younger I was taken to New Hope, but I'm just too old to walk around for that long. 
There were supposed to be bad storms all day but the only thing that happened was a little thunder and lightning at night. Slander was very scared but I was fine. Nothing really bothers me much!
Here are some photos of Slander's trip: 

Saturday, March 28, 2009


My mom is going to school to get her degree in veterinary technology, so she can help other dogs and cats feel better when they are sick. I'm very proud of her for doing that!
Sometimes she asks me to help her study, like when she was doing anatomy and she kept touching me to learn all the names of my bones and muscles. I liked that part, it was non stop petting.
Here I am helping her with her math class. It was really hard but she got a good grade. A rainy day like today is good for studying.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Visit From Grandma

The last 2 days have been a lot of fun for me. My mom went to Bayonne and picked up her mom for a visit! She was here for 2 days and I got lots of extra petting and love. I was hoping to get a picture of us together to post it but my grandma does not like having her photo taken. Maybe we can sneak one in somehow. 
Today is a very chilly and rainy day. I think it's a good day to nap in my favorite spot in front of the tv. I don't even feel like getting up to hang out on the futon!

Slander went out for a walk with mom before and then she tracked muddy paw prints all over the carpet. Mom was not happy.  It's hard to keep your paws clean when it rains and there is no grass in the backyard. 

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Chilly Day

I wonder where all the nice weather went? When I went out for my morning walk I was not happy to feel the cold wind blowing on me! I know spring is here because my mom hung up her spring flag in front of the house. 
My mom wanted to take some new photos of me but  it was too chilly for me outside, I kept trying to go in and she kept telling me that a picture of my butt was not what she wanted.

It was still a good day though, I shared a turkey wrap with my mom for lunch. Now I'm ready for my afternoon nap. I still hear the wind blowing outside! Good thing I'm on my futon where it's nice and warm.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beagles and Stew

The weather was nicer today, so I made sure to stand outside for a little while and sniff up when my mom took me out. There is a beagle that lives on my block and he always comes by to leave me lots of sniffing material on our lawn. My mom doesn't understand why I have to smell each and every spot, every time I go out!
And my house smells really good too. I think my mom is making stew in the crock pot...I hope she shares at dinnertime.

When I was walking outside by myself (sometimes I get extra help with a sling because I'm a senior) I was sniffing so intently I almost fell over. My mom got scared and ran over to check on me. I was ok though, I wobbled but managed to stay on all 4 legs. 
All that activity made me I came inside to have a nice nap. To my surprise, I discovered a big milkbone on my bed! Yummy!

Today was a good day..lots of good smells and a nice treat. 

Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day Of Spring

It was snowing out this morning, now all the snow has melted but it's still cold outside! Too cold for greyhounds to be walking around, I think. My mom is busy watching basketball on TV, something about March I will take a nice nap. 
I heard that Rita's was giving away free ices today in honor of spring. I wonder if I will get a free ice? Sometimes my mom brings home ice cream or yogurt for me. I will have to look extra cute today so I will get a spring treat.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome To All!

Hi there! My name is GiGi, and as you can see, I'm a 14 year old Greyhound. I have been retired for a long time, and my mom & I thought it would be nice for me to have my own blog. 
I used to race in Texas. I wasn't very fast though, and I was adopted out to live in New Jersey with my mom and another Greyhound named Heidi Q. She went to the Rainbow Bridge on this date 2 years ago. I miss her very much. 
My mom adopted a miniature Schnauzer named Slander last year to keep me company. We do a lot of napping together!

I had a stroke last year, and I was in the hospital for a week. I recovered pretty well, though. My vet was very caring and helpful. The hospital helped me rehab so I could walk again!

My mom was very happy when I came home, and so was I! Getting old is no fun, but we all have to do it. I will try to age gracefully.

 I hope you will enjoy my blog. Please leave me comments, as I like to hear from everyone. 

bye for now  ~  ~